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Clarity & Focus

Posted on September 29, 2010 at 12:39 PM
Clarity & Focus

As a published author (online), writer and copywriter, I require a certain mindset. I must be focused and clear about my intention for my piece of work. I do not need to know exactly what to write, just the scenario.

When Clarity and Focus are present, the gift is the inspiration!

So,you know where I get my inspiration from now don't you? Me, life, experiences and a clear space for it to present itself. It really is that simple. I guess it's because I love to sit and write that I really do love my gift. I know that some people really dislike the whole process and act of writing!

That's where I come in, because I can do it for them!

My Client base comprises busy people who have little time to spend on pouring their hearts out onto paper, so I simply chat to them and find out what they want to say, get a brief and get started!

We can all write, yet how effective are we at communicating our vision to others? Sometimes we don't know how to express it - or even what it is!! Clarity and Focus! ......Two of my best friends indeed!

Are you still furrowing your brow? Need a little more help?

Have you thought about what it is you truly desire in life? Do you know where you are headed? Or is your head lowered as you go about your day? It does help if you look directly in the path of your chosen lifestyle and head towards it, step into it, wear it and feel it, as if it were present NOW!

This is one method of 'Visualising Your Dream'. If you VYDeo your chosen lifestyle in your mind's eye, so that your emotions are in touch with the splendour of your dream, THIS is when your dream has an awesome chance to come  true!

It really does work too! need your best friends CLARITY and FOCUS to begin with!

NOW THIS makes sense doesn't it?!!!

I hope this info has been helpful to you. If so, please do send me some feedback. I love hearing about people's lightbulb moments, having experienced a few myself.

If I can light up your life, I am lighting up my own too! ......Like stars, we twinkle and shine brightly so others can look up and see their beauty!

Goodnight. xx

Categories: Clarity, Focus, Intention, Lifestyle, writing, redundancy, skills, confidence, freelancing

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