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The copywriter taking your business by the hand

Company Message

What is Copywriting?

I'm glad you asked, because this can be confusing!

Writing itself is NOT necessarily Copywriting!

The writing of sales copy, designed to generate a feeling, an emotion, a call to action, IS!

Is THIS what you came looking for?

If YOU know that you have a service or product that requires promotion, then YES, you are in the 'write' place!!!!!!!!!

How will MY Copywriting suit YOUR project?

This is another good - in fact AWESOME - question!

Each copywriting project is totally tailor made for YOU.

It is NOT swiped from a file of other copywriting work I have done, nor is it 'borrowed' from other people's work!



I think I have made this clear!

Moving on, I am an inspired and intuitive writer, so words simply come to me as I get a FEEL for your product or service!

I don't know exactly how other people work. I can only assure you, that I get to THE HEART OF COPYWRITING - as my blog suggests!

What do I charge?

Hmmmm... another tailor made service!

I do not charge flat rates - as I know I can help more people, by being flexible!

Some people charge £100's and £1000's of pounds for a sales letter - for instance!

Now THIS is worth spending good money on, as it generates results!

It is what we term a CALL TO ACTION!

My Mentor 'Alan Forest Smith' is one such Copywriter! AND he is in high demand!

As I said however - I AM FLEXIBLE!!!

You won't get me broadcasting my rates anywhere. It's the personalised service that matters most - and YOU will know all about this, when you decide to contact me! That's where it starts!

I sincerely hope you do, and I'm honest with myself, knowing that some of you won't!

THAT'S LIFE! I simply take it on the chin - having openly and freely bared my heart and soul to you - so you can make the best decision for your needs. 

Look, I do the very same!

Customer Satisfaction

When I go shopping - let's say for clothes or shoes - I have a plethora of retail outlets available to me!

I can pop into NEXT or KAREN MILLEN, or FAITH, or get a great mix of ideas in the Designer section at DEBENHAMS!

I do my research, and I get out my card or cash and I make my purchase when I feel good about 2 things:


If one or other isn't quite right, I'll move on!

If BOTH are spot on, I know this instantly, and I BUY!

It's simple really.

We are all dealing with the psychology of 'Buyer Behaviour'.

Did you know this?

It shows up in each person's ability to sell themselves to an Employer, a Customer or Client, a potential partner, our Bank Manager...the list goes on!

Your purchase will be complete when you have accessed your human need!

And this changes like the weather, to suit our mood or aim!

By providing you with OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE, I know you will enjoy the service I provide. Yet how will I communicate what this is, so you may be more tempted to buy from me?

By talking with you here, you may have a feel for how I write.

Because these words - though typewritten - are actually being spoken aloud!

In effect, I am talking with you! I do get the occasional response from you, but please don't send for the white coats just yet - you haven't called me!

What do your Customers want?

Do your customers want you to be the expert in your field, and TELL them why they need to buy by explaining how it's going to work for them, or make them feel?

I think so!

In fact I know so!

Don't we ALL want the same when it comes down to it?!

So, with that in mind, let's be HONEST with them and share the benefits of your product or service.

This is the simplest, and most valuable service you can provide!

People will LISTEN to YOU, the EXPERT in your field and they will make their decision based on your SERVICE! (I know, back to Customer Service - but it is very important!)

So, as you KNOW what your customers want, simply offer it to them! They are asking for it!

There is always money to be spent. Thing is, Do you want some?!

I believe you - and I - deserve to be successful - and so if you are ethical, and help others get what they want, then you too, will get what you want or deserve.

Call to Action

Call me NOW and ask what I can do for YOU!


Complete the CONTACT Form and list your challenges


E-MAIL me with your request or query.