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The copywriter taking your business by the hand

Company Message

Your Writing Coach

You've heard the popular saying; "You should write a book about that" - Haven't you?

Most of us will have a story or two to tell about our life or experiences or passions.

I'm guessing this applies to you?

My gut feeling is that you're here because there's something you want to say but you're not sure how to say it or present it? Perhaps you have a few notebooks with lots of beginnings and there it stops; incomplete copy, a random story but no delivery model.

If you're nodding right now and feeling like this is you, I understand you perfectly.

What's MY Story?

In fact, I'd been doing the very same thing for years; writing various pieces in a few notebooks, in some vague dream that I would one day see my words in print. I felt insignificant and unworthy to be published anywhere! When my marketing colleagues began blogging, I was fearful of being negatively critiqued!

I had to do a lot of work on myself to clear my head so I could see my full potential.

No, it wasn't simple, even though writing came to me naturally, in fact since I was 6 years old!

From my teenage years right through to my 40's, my mindset just wasn't ready to accept that I was good enough to write my own content and be a published author. 

I know first hand, how soul destroying this can be!

Personally, I've driven myself mad by NOT getting my writing out there. That was until one day a close co-worker sat me down and gently but firmly told me that I was a terrific writer so why didn't I write more?!

With his support, I designed a company newsletter, began writing marketing content and started to compile bids for commercial contracts. I found one of my voices!

With positive feedback, I began to finally realise that I could actually write copy that people enjoyed reading, so I started to blog. I applied to guest blog on someone else's website, which increased my confidence leading me into the greater worldwide web and my own freelance website. You know, the one you're on right now!

Since then I have undertaken many freelance writing projects (take a look at my testimonials) I have developed my own bidding model for construction companies I write original copy on my various Facebook pages and personal blogs and my articles have been accepted by the Huffington Post UK.

I no longer have a fear of being critiqued, as I understand that not everyone will share my enthusiasm for a particular topic.

I birthed my voice, now it's time to birth yours!

What's YOUR Story?

Perhaps you don't have the painfully low self-esteem I was dealt, perhaps you simply require some coaching on how to start your book.

Everyone is different; everyone will have their own challenges and just about everyone who wants to write will do so one day. This is because it drives you!

Please, please don't let your story go to waste. There are people waiting to hear what you have to say! Your own experiences will help someone cope with theirs!

Your Next Step

If you like what you've read here, simply get in touch with me and we can organise an initial complementary conversation.

If you want support/accountability/guidance/coaching for the writing process, and perhaps even to use it as a healing, empowering, embodying (or other) process, then I know a woman who can help you with that. Me!

You can email me, complete a contact form, call or text me; I have made it simple for you to take the next step, now it's up to you.

Babies take their first experimental wobbly step, often aided by their Parents. Have you ever seen the beautiful smile on their faces when they achieve this? They are full of wonder. If we're honest, we would love to recreate many more innocent moments like that, but perhaps there isn't a helping hand to guide us; to support us.

YOUR initial baby step will make you smile. Committing yourself (and our initial conversation carries no contractual or financial commitment) to moving forward with your goal, will begin to set you free. Only you can decide to take this step, but I am here to guide you if you let me.

I REALLY hope to hear from you; I bet your story is powerful!

Here are your options:

A. Contact me by email on [email protected] (48 hour turnaround)

B. Leave your details here. (48 hour turnaround)

Your choice!

Hope to chat soon.



PS: If you need to dash off, just download my flyer here, which has my contact details for safe keeping: